Do you prefer a bagel to be

This one is worse than my one


the fucks percy ingle

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Greggs for Londoners who think they’re special


You’d know this if you paid any modicum of attention to my threads, posts and general community content.

I like my bread like I like my pornography - Home made.

Sorry for the above post/My account was hacked.

have we had an argument about how greggs isn’t a bakers because you can’t buy bread there

feels like something we’ve had an argument about

I like my bread like my dinner, wholemeal.


You can by bread from Pingle

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Wait a minute, can you not buy bread in Greggs?

Well fuck me

Not in all of them by any means, think some do
What will the public do without its milk loaf

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will you stop going on about percy pingle for one fucking minute

It’s difficult for me to overstate my relief that they have reopened. It’s been a very long 6-8 weeks.

Have you ever tried their vegetarian pasty? V deece

Always wondered who buys their sandwiches too because they seem to cost more than 4 quid for essentially a bap

Nah, the things I’ve had from there are “bread” and “doughnuts”

Ever seen a pigeon stroll in? I used to take a glance at that.

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Yeah, I’ve glanced at that before. I thought “this is an ok thing to be seeing right now” when I glanced at it.

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Just a heads up by the way if you’re at a loss after reading this thread;

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I have fond (childhood) memories of percy ingles, whata shop!

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