Do you prefer omelettes or scrambled eggs?

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  • Scrambled eggs
  • Omelette
  • I’m a vegan m8

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never had either but scrambled eggs proper hum so omelette

Very tight but scrambled just pips an omelette for me just because of how good cheesy scrambled eggs are. I like an omelette a lot though and they are probably my two favourite forms of egg.

Secret option C: poached eggs


How have you gone through life without ever having scrambled eggs?

Omelette with cheese and bits of stuff like mushrooms in, and then put under the grill to finish.



You’re speaking to someone who’s never had tinned food.

Both are very good but scrambled eggs are fine on toast with just salt & pepper, whilst you’d have to be an actual psychopath to eat a plain omelette, so scrambled takes it

What the actual living fuck

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I’m gonna say something to you now which might leave me open to enormous ridicule but you know what’s good? An omelette with tinned mackerel on it (if you’ve got tinned mackerel in tomato sauce whipping the sauce into your omelette mix is good as well)

Makes sense, but I’m vege.

Ah, soz.

no thanks Ant

no thants

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If they ever invent a convincing vege mackerel, I’ll give it a go.

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I’ll get Sir Mo Farrah on the phone to see what he can do :thumbsup:

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omelette with bits of chorizo and peppers in it

i think i actually love omelettes


Never had either, don’t like eggs. #eggs

aye where’s the thread tag

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I dig scrambled, but… An omelette is way more versatile in terms of the ways you can have it (extras, sides, etc). And the circumstances in which you’d have scrambled are such that you could easily use fried or poached (or an omelette) as a substitute.