Do you put your teabags in the food bin

How much fluff are you producing?

It was a strong opinion on other people’s strong opinions, not the topic of recycling.

Oh we had one of those as well. My friend has one now. They’re alright.

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snusbokser is a pleasant word


But a vile habit

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honestly thought you had dreamt this

I have 2 years worth of bottles in the shed to take to the bottle bank. Maybe this is the week.

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But Reader, it was not the week.


Reckon the bottle bank is probably full anyway what with everyone drinking at home. Maybe next week.

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My sister has one, she lives in America…

We have a mega composter thing at work (school) where all the leftover dinner waste etc goes in, mixes with wood chippings and makes heats up to make kind of compost. It is then put in a him and moved to a composter for a while.
Tipping buckets of beany manky food slop into it each night in the rain is a delight, as is when the mix is not right and you get sloppy waste out the end and it starts to smell. :grimacing:

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We have mini food caddy that goes into a bigger (but still small) food bin outside. We get free compostable liners delivered every so often.

Here are the guidelines:

What can go in your food recycling caddy

  • Fish and meat bones
  • 100% compostable liners (with the seedling logo)
  • Cooked and uncooked food (including meat)
  • Egg shells
  • General food waste
  • Coffee grounds

What can’t go in your food recycling caddy

  • Plastic bags or liners
  • General rubbish (e.g. packaging)
  • Garden waste (including leaves, house plants and soil)
  • Pet waste
  • Liquids (e.g. oil, milk)

plus this

  • put food waste in a 100% compostable liner, compostable paper bag or wrap tightly in newspaper

Which I took to mean the odd bit of paper is OK, but am now concerned about tea bags having plastic in.

We also pay actual money for a garden waste bin.

Is this… not a thing in the UK?

check out the piece on this guy!

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I did take a big load of glass bottles out the other week and it was so full people had just left heaps of bottles on the side. Going to take me another six months now isn’t it

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Glass is the only thing here that don’t go out with the recycling collection so it’s just purely beer, wine and spirits bottles that I’ll be shiftily tipping in. Might go in the night.

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i’d never heard of one until ten minutes ago

kind of fascinated


right so… composting… you put your grass cuttings, food etc in a bin. that gets turned into compost. you put that on your flower beds etc.

you keep doing this, year after year…

doesn’t your flower bed just get higher and higher and higher…? where does it all go? is this why dinosaurs are underground…?


Maybe it’s because we have mainly brick or stone houses. Must be a lot easier to retrofit into wooden ones.

Remind me a bit of those tubes they have in some department stores to send the money around in little cylinders.


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