Do you read the terms and conditions

Not for things like flights during a pandemic etc where you have to be super careful about the things you can or can’t do with your ticket, but ordinary websites, apps etc.

Have you read and understood the terms and conditions?
  • Yes
  • No

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Does it worry you if not?

  • Not arsed
  • Yes, I should probably read them but I cba
  • I wasn’t worried but maybe I should be

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Read them and understand them!


had jobs where I didn’t read through the contract first tbh.


Have never and will never.

terms, yes. Conditions: never!


The Ts&Cs for buying beer off my work’s website are 19 pages long. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Depends what it is. Always do for travel insurance because I find travelling a massively stressful experience and it’s one less thing (in theory) to worry about going wrong

I’ve put yes but it’s more of a usually than a yes. I normally look at the privacy policy more carefully to check they aren’t going to spam me. If you’re ordering something online then retailer t&cs are probably all basically the same aren’t they? I’m not sure I’ve ever looked at the t&cs for something and thought “hang on a minute”

I normally figure that if they were terrible they would have been shamed on social media to bring them back into line (or the product would be widely ostracised with the terms known)

Which is why I only have limited apps on my phone, and then only ones by companies I trust, rather than the latest faddy face swap app or whatever

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Absolutely on brand behaviour from the three current t&cs readers, would have been disappointed to discover you lot were opting in blindly.


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I once signed the wrong employment contract at a job at a solicitors, of all places. Joke was on them though because they owed me 3 months pay when they laid me off instead of 1 :hear_no_evil:


I don’t know what my notice period is which is troubling because if I want to get a new job I don’t know what to tell them (“either 1 or 3 months lol”).

I can’t ask HR because then it looks like I’m looking for a new job.

No, I start sometimes but I just can’t do it

I’d probably be more sensible if anything tangibly bad actually happened to me off the back of not reading them, and I can’t recall any

Evil corporations owning my data feels like a given now and I don’t see any sense in just adding more anxiety to my already anxious state by being endlessly vigilant (I do try and opt out of cookies but it’s fucking endless)

Wouldn’t think asking to see a copy of the contract indicates you’re looking for a new job, especially if you just say you’ve lost your copy

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Thank you for your responses. Proud of hostile, marckee and forglet. Sickened by the rest of you


Life is too short, and I say that as a lawyer.

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can’t think of any other reason I’d be asking tbh.

Can’t find the Limmy User Agreement sketch