Do you REALLY have to avoid alcohol if you're on antibiotics?

  • Pretty sure i saw this on QI once: its fine
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Pretty sure it just gets you hammered dead quickly?

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A nurse recently told me you shouldn’t drink alcohol with ANY medicine.

Surely that’s bollocks.

What are the disadvantages again???

I have no idea. I know I drank a lot whilst taking antibiotics once and I’m still here so… it’s fine?

If you don’t want to be hammered I guess

Depends if they interact with alcohol, if they do you shouldn’t, if they don’t, well wash them down with a nice cold Stella, friend

II imagine it would weaken the effects

of the alcohol or the antibiotics?

It varies depending on which type of antibiotic you’re taking. Most of the commonly prescribed antibiotics are fine, or fine with moderate drinking. So, check what it says on your bottle of pills and look it up.


Thanks d_m. Just checked- the one im on DOES have serious side effects if combined with alcohol.


When they tell you not to take them with alcohol it’s not because it will combat the medicine, it’s because they’re tories and they don’t want to risk you having a bloody good time.

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You should always read the label, you should always read it well, in the most delicious way!

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There are 2 antibiotics that will make you feel very sick if you drink on them, the name escapes me, they’re sometimes used to stop alcoholics from drinking alcohol. You’re fine on most though

depends dunnit?

definitely wouldn’t on Metronidazole, but you’re probably 6 tins of stella down by now right?


Yep, that’s the one

ugh. they’re horrible too btw - made me feel really ill the week I had to take them for a wisdom tooth thing.

sorry man :hugs:

Shame as it Sounds like a delicious futuristic mexican sauce


Read the patient information sheet. DO NOT drink on metronidazole - it will screw your liver up.

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