Do you reckon anyone else apart from me has done this in the last 5 days?

Driven the entire length of both the M74 (Glasgow to Gretna) AND the entire length of the M275 (Portsmouth to Portsmouth) TWICE EACH.

They probably have I was just wondering

Yeah 13 other people


Changed my mind actually, maybe two others

Oops sorry please see my edit

Yeah I’ve done this


Question about the M275. Did you get off at junction 2 (continental ferry terminal junction) or carry on through to the roundabout?

But sorry, only the M275, from end to end, four times in the last 5 days for me. One full out and back trip on Wednesday. One full out and back journey on Friday

Some pricks in the papers today for getting a bus from derby to Penzance. Have you done that yet?

Yeah full length (Isle of Wight ferry terminal)

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I didn’t see you

I can give you a rundown of where I was and when if helpful?

Yes please I would love that


Nice. Weird motorway innit. Only beaten by the madness of the M271

Hope you had a nice trip.

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Wednesday: arrival through fishbourne, straight to shanklin
Thurs: shanklin, smallhope beach, a circus in that park on the outskirts of Newport
Fri: that farm park near Yarmouth, ice cream place in shanklin
Sat: combing the beach near sandown for fossils, Dino museum, exit through fishbourne

A fun but frankly illogical trip to make from Glasgow for less than three full days


Very nice. I did drive through Shanklin yesterday actually. Odd place. May as well be the other side of the world for me though (I live in Freshwater).

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The only motorway with a roundabout at both ends and in the middle. Probably. Just made that up.

Ok Michael FISH!!!

If it was me doing this you would never catch me bragging about it on here.

I’d do it just for the love of the game and keep it to myself

Don’t think Ive done anything else this weekend

Oh I didn’t realise you’d moved back!
In my fairly limited IoW experience West >>>> East. (you can apply this logic across the UK generally too)

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