do you reckon anyone has ever

heated up a nice pan full of gravy, poured it into a bowl and just started eating it like soup? bit of bread for dipping and all that

reckon it could work. beef soup.


Used to have a mug of gravy quite regularly when working in places that did food. Sometimes still do when the cafe at work does a roast. Also once drank a pint of vodka and bisto but that’s not a story for now.


My Great-Granddad (Granddad Jack) used to have “beef dripping and bread”


haven’t made gravy in a while but i tend to make too much of it and have to drink the rest like a cup a soup. it’s nice.

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when will we get to hear this story please


Tried to drink KFC gravy with a straw once. I couldn’t do it

Right now! It was in my first year at university in the aftermath of a house party and there was a bottle of Glenns Vodka but no mixers left so we made up some gravy. Seemed like a good idea at the time, it was not. Also could have just used the water needed for the gravy, oh well.That’s drugs for you!


is this like Bovril?

never been entirely sure what Bovril actually is

ive certainly considered it on more than one occasion

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don’t bother with a straw

that used to be a classic, my dad talked about eating that in the 70s!!!

also dripping is more like lard than liquid

I do this with veg stock and bread sometimes


Its really nice

Feel like gravy is probably a sub-species of soup in food taxonomy.


They should invent the gravy bag. Like a teabag but with gravy.


not had it in… 20 odd years but it was a hot beef flavoured drink… :confused:

i prefer to think of it the other way round, i like to refer to every sauce as gravy (take it to the things you do to wind up your partner thread)

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Beef dripping on toast is beautiful stuff.

I have also once had a slice of bread used to soak up some dripping from the roasting tin which is probably a bit excessive.

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