Do you reckon it's possible Brexit won't happen now?

Or at least, a hard Brexit?

why do you ask this what’s yr reasoning




i reckon Hammond is gonna try negotiate a soft brexit, with the silent intention to not actually go any further, then the issue will carry on for bloody ages and ukip will come back

oh it’ll grind on forever now, for sure.

Nah, it’s too far gone. Nobody’s going to admit it’s a colossal mistake.


It’s possible. But also very unlikely. Too many people would have to admit they were wrong, and no one likes doing that.


fuck knows


Yes, just if for nothing else I need to feel we live in a world where a whole country doesn’t fuck everything up for no reason what so ever.

I’ve said on here before that the big problem is the time it’ll take for the damage to be truly felt by the population and by that time it’ll be too late. You get loads of ‘things are fine so far’ and ‘the world’s not going to end’’ comments from leavers and that’s cause we’re still in the EU and economies are slow moving things.

In the long term it’s inevitable to will be members of the EU whether that’s staying in now or re-joining (on much worse terms) 10/20 years down the line (full on fascism/WW3 notwithstanding).

As much as we’re all against it, and as much as the general public were duped, would it not be undemocratic for it to not happen now?

obligatory, the whole system is undemocratic, man post :v:

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Did think the other day with all the talk about the bill we’re supposedly going to have to pay the EU to leave, that the Govt should say that any Brexit voter would have, say, 20%, deducted from their wages/pensions/benefits/whatever for a year to pay for it. Obviously, as it was a secret ballot, people would have to volunteer for this. If fewer than 50% signed up, then the whole thing would be called off.

Of course not. That’s not how democracy works.

But leave and remain aren’t equal results.

Doing an act of enormous self harm cos people who didn’t fully understand what they voted for narrowly got the majority in a massively flawed opinion poll is complete madness. You wouldn’t run anything like that be it a little club, a family or a business the would all have checks, balances and common sense to prevent disaster, let alone doing it to a country.

That we need to go ahead ‘just because’ is the worse reason to do it. Turning the UK into a tax haven for tories is at least a more vaild reason.


That’s a fair point, but if the result had been the other way around, do you think that Farage et al would’ve been “Oh that’s that then” and not pushed for further vote on it?


Well yes, but as I said before they aren’t equal results.

A flippant example:

Should we burn down Chez Xylo?

  • No, he’s a fine upstanding member of the community, that’s mean.
  • Yes, flames are pretty

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Are both those options equal? No. If we vote to dabble in a bit of arson would you be happy at the result being overturned? What if we vote not to? Want that vote to stick or twist?

This is what they have done to my country, voted to burn it down. Fuck that if I’m going to sit here going ‘whaddya going to do about it, that’s democracy’.


People who say they voted Remain but now think ‘we should just get on with Brexit’ are possibly more infuriating than the idiots who voted Leave


I don’t think it will be reversed, but can well see us crawling back with our tail between our legs a few years down the line. Like with Iraq, years later everyone will pretend they were against it from the start.

Neither main party is going to throw themselves on the electoral grenade to stop it, so I’m pretty sure we’ll plough onwards with the whole thing.