Do you reckon penguins (the animal not the biscuit)

Do fish taste fishy because they live in the sea, or would they taste fishy if they lived on land? This important information in helping me reach my conclusion.

Thats a long way to go to do such a mean thing

look how sad they are


Lambs are cute too, we can’t let that get in the way.

yeah that’s true. They get poo stuck to their bums though



Reminds me of my dad’s favourite response to being asked how well he wants his steak done: “Just wipe its arse and show it to the table”.

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  • I’ve eaten whale meat
  • I’ve not
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I had reindeer when I was in Norway though

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Mine was in Norway too. Actually it may have been Russian territory. Specifically a boat off the coast of Svalbard and Jan Mayen, close to a settlement called Barentsburg.

When in Rome etc….

That was my thinking. It’s unlikely that I’ll eat Reindeer in sunny Sussex.

Although that said there was a bit of a phase about fifteen years ago where pubs would do exotic roasts, where they’d claim to sell you zebra meat, or peacock or whatever. I think there was a farm somewhere not far away that was breeding these animals especially for that purpose

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There you go - a news story from fourteen years ago which mentions zebra, camel, ostrich and kangaroo

The Pub With No Name (now Haus on the Hill) was one of the first to do them

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Tbh tbf and I am going off my limited knowledge - often some of these are better - venison is the example that springs to mind, because it’s actually free range, not factory farmed.

We have some longhorn cattle that graze freely in Epping Forest and the visitor centre often has beef on sale from them, which seems better to me

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Would probably go for pasta tbh


Worth noting that I had escargot in France last week too

My penguin’s got no beak

Puffins taste like fish dont they so i assume penguins do,

Almost everything that regularly eats fish tastes fishy. Including other fish.