Do you reckon Russell Crowe

has hit anyone this year?

And how many years in the last 20 have been fallow?

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I think he has, but I think only 15 or so have ever been victim

Do you reckon Russell Crowe has ever cannibalised a woman, and if so was he glad he ate her?


i watched a really bad film with russell crowe in it last night do you want to try and guess which one

A Beautiful Mind


a) no
b) n/a

Russell Crowe had a holiday in Paris and I asked him what he got up to, but he wasnt allowed to tell be because it was La confidential

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Just remembered that I watched Noah. All of it.

@japes Noah?

If there was a twelve month period where he didn’t hit anyone it would have been… A Good Year


See, that’s the spirit

no at wasn’t!!!

Look at me @anon5266188 . It’s all for you.

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If he’d been serving his mum at one those deli counters and she ordered a certain weight of ham, and she said how much is that, he could say: “That will be £3.10 (three-ten) to you, ma”.



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Really really good

was he in that? (no)

Do you reckon he just hits bad guys? Or the nice guys too?


A Year in Provence ?