Do you reckon Russell Crowe


saw it at the cinema. Think my mother in law was with us

unrelated question: are celebs allowed to choose their wikipedia photo?

Then when she uses that to make soup he says ‘Ma, Stir and Consomme err: Far Side of the World’.


He got drunk in my old local whilst filming a few years ago. Bought everyone drinks, had a sing song and didn’t hit anyone. Was a top bloke by all accounts.

look at this film

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Is this what you watched?

no. wish it was though.

  • Good Actor, good films
  • Bad Actor, bad films

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You now have to tell us.

it was ridley scott’s Body of Lies (2008)

I saw Mark Strong at the Oval once.

was he wearing a piece?

I watched Gladiator the night before last, just because it was on.

I would imagine so.

what scene did you start watching from

Rejected Johnny Cash lyrics

Very early, actually. The forests of Germania, whilst Marcus Aurelius was still alive.