Do you reckon that CDs are dead?

  • CDs are my main format
  • Still buy them pretty regularly
  • Buy em once in a while
  • Been dead for yonks mate
  • something about football, GABBO, or other irrelevant information

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what say you?

I don’t buy them but I don’t buy cassettes either and I didn’t buy vinyl for a large number of years.

I would think they are still big in parts of the world but I guess the question is how long cheap USB optical drives keep going for.

Buy them once in a while, tend to buy vinyl more often. Last new CD I bought was Mogwai - ATLC as couldn’t get hold of the vinyl at the time. Before that I think it was Sunn O))) - Life Metal. Got given a bunch of 2nd hand cd’s by a friend the other week though so need to sort through them :slight_smile:

  • Have a CD player
  • Have to rip them to listen
  • woozle wuzzle

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Theoretically can play them on my PC through the monitors, but I’m post-physical media now (except for job lots of old tapes from eBay)

If I properly like an album I’ll always buy a physical copy and I’m always bummed out when an artist doesn’t do CDs on Bandcamp or wherever. The only CD copy I could find of Hot Pink by Doja Cat is a £24 Japanese version on Amazon and frankly I’m fuming about it :sob:

That said I listen to Spotify or my iPod more often but I never buy MP3 albums for my iPod if there’s a CD version available

Actually I now own more Neil Sedaka tapes than I do any CDs

I buy cheap second hand CDs a fair bit - but only really late 80s/ 90s /OOs stuff

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That’s right, dead serious about going to the charity shop!

Kinda looking forward to reclaiming my many boxes of CDs from my mum’s house in the next year or so - loads of things in there I won’t have listened to or thought about in ten years.

Can’t see myself ever buying one again though.

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Gave all our CDs to charity when we moved house five years ago, think I might have a wallet with a few that were loose somewhere but if I ever went back to physical music I doubt it would be to CDs,

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Got a car with a CD player in recently after years without owning one (both a car and a CD player). Glad now that I kept my CD collection and have been enjoying going back through it, also bought a few off ebay and could quite easily get back into buying loads as well as more vinyl.


Am moving house and have a crate of about 300 covering my purchases between roughly 2005 and 2015. Really can’t make my mind up what to do with them. Realistically they will never be listened to ever again.

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I buy CDs both new and used. My 20 year old Audi is cassette or CD, and my hifi setup is also CD or streaming.

Consistent good sound, accessible and cheap (used).

I listen to music for the music; I don’t really care about how fashionable a format is, and I have little interest in turning a format into a mini-hobby.


The CDs I tend to buy fall into 2 categories:

  1. something special from a band I really, really like
  2. cheap 2nd hand stuff off ebay/ amazon to fill in gaps that I’ve lost over the years

from a band/ label point of view, you’d be surprised how many people still ask for stuff to be pressed on CD! I don’t mind doing them, as I can never afford to press up vinyl that realistically only about 10% of my fanbase is ever going to buy.

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i’ve found that there’s a hardcore CD crowd who message us like ‘why no cd, why no cd’ but it’s nowhere near enough people to justify pressing a bunch of them. i’ve done limited edition/handmade stuff in the past, might be how i approach it in future.

I reckon CDs are alive, but maybe their health is on the wane slightly. Then they look at vinyl and think “that fucker was nearly dead 20 years ago, now look at him!” and realise they too will become fashionable again one day.

I’ve just always bought music on CD since the early-mid '90s when I was first getting in to my own stuff. I guess I still buy it on that format now out of habit as much as anything. I’ll buy vinyl occasionally, usually some sort of ATD record, and I stream music too (mainly in the car or when working), but most ‘proper’ listening is done in the kitchen or lounge where it’s easier to stick on a CD than faff with bluetooth for streaming. Plus I think they look quite nice lined up on shelves.

My daughter’s 7 and I’ve bought her the odd CD and she’s like “wtf!? Alexa, play Dua Lipa!” and I realise I’m probably behind the times on this.


The last cd I bought was Option Paralysis by Dillinger Escape Plan.

Not bothered since then

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They were my only format growing up, so have a hundreds acquired between the ages of about 14 and, what, 27 or so? Then I started streaming stuff instead and they just became decorative. Now they’re all, I think, in a box in my parent’s shed. Might get them back if our house move goes through when they’ll probably live in our attic, since I have no way to even play one (hifi is gone, laptop doesn’t have a disc drive).

yeah, handmade/ ltd ed is nice for lower key releases - did that a lot in the past, but for distro companies to work with it, they mostly need it to be professionally pressed, which is fair enough I suppose. I ended up with 500 CDs for a satan album a few years back, as it was going to shops via my distro company, and although they looked great and felt nice to have something ‘proper’ for once, they did message me a few years later asking if I’d like the remainder pulped as they couldn’t sell them anymore (very partridge) - I asked for them to be returned, and eventually sold out about 4/5 years after it came out!