Do you reckon that if Jesus was around now

which person with a topknot do you think might be the second coming then?


He’d have a Skrillex undercut.

Meet me at McDonald’s I reckon

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my money’s on jared leto

could be!

I bet Jesus would be a Kozelek fan too

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I think he’d be rocking that 6ix9ine steez

Did you see him at the Met Gala last week? He has risen!

Edit: this should’ve been a reply to e5.

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is there much difference between a bun and a top knot?

Nah nothing, I was just trying to be clever :cold_sweat:

Edit: nice to have you back fopps :grinning: how’ve you been?

A bun is a bun, the other is knot

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no it’s (k)not!!!

alright, I’ve been concentrating on trying to do work but it might be true that hard work is for chumps after all

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I think he would have hair just like one of us, he would probably be slob like one of us maybe a stranger on the bus?

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:grinning: would love it to be Jonathan.

no there is knot lol

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Same hairstyle but a bit of black string round his head like a British footballer who has gone to Real Madrid and wants to fit in.

He already is, heathens.

im knot sure