Do you reckon you can book Noasis for corporate gigs?

I bet you fookin can

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The attendance would be well within the six people indoor rule (including the band) even during normal times.


In the current circumstances it would probably be a very nice thing to do



Looks like you’re in luck, Jordo. ALL events worldwide. Worldwide!

Noasis is now taking bookings for 2021 and beyond.

The band is available for all events worldwide…

For bookings or enquiries contact Noasis management.
Telephone: 07989 435334

No way, sis

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I dont really wanna know

y’enjoying yer fuckin ice breakers, yeah? This one’s called Live Forever


do cover bands pay royalties? serious question

The original writers should get money from the venue’s PRS payments I think? The actual band don’t have to.

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I think you don’t have to for live performances, but you can’t distribute recordings without permission and would have to pay royalties. And technically if the band being covered is active they could take action to stop the cover band but it’s somewhat unheard of.

This is something I remember having heard, I have no real knowledge but I sound pretty mf legit here don’t I?

You’d have to ask yourself why would you want to?