Do You Reckon You Could Be A Children's TV Presenter?

I reckon I could have. Would have done it proper sincerely too, not like those tongue in cheek cunts.

We’ll never know for sure though.

  • I reckon I could have
  • I don’t think I could have
  • I dunno, maybe
  • I AM one of those things

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DJ maosm & MC kermawormas funhouse


Do you have the number?

kids tv presenter firings/scandals are my favourite things.

always remember richard bacon getting sacked from blue peter because he liked the reefer and a bit of nose powder on the weekends.

probably one of the all time worst jobs to attempt on a hangover

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I have to pretend to be a joyful happy cunt on the phone to my clients all day, so probably.

always think this. teaching, for example, is nearly impossible to do on a hangover, and they’re not worlds apart when you #think about it

Couldn’t keep up that level of performative cheeriness. I’d probably go the same way as Mark Speight (poor guy :frowning:)

I have ordered 6 matching puce tracksuits for us both

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Reckon Mr Tumble really hates kids

Would happily watch a @kermitwormit and @ma0sm presented kids tv show :grinning: I guess R could watch it as well.


Did you not hear? Neil had a massive art attack

glad that I passed up the opportunity to make that pun

Life-size papier-mache Stansted Airport.

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Some really dorky, gentle, softly-spoken programme for absolute fucking dweeb-o kids; I’m in my element.

One of those crazy fast-moving programmes with loads of running about the spot and yelling and flashing lights; never in a million years man.

To sum up, I’d boss that thing Tom Hardy did where you just sit and read The Very Hungry Caterpillar in a dimly lit room, but would be a disaster on whatever today’s equivalent of Live & Kicking is.

I once had to stand in for the presenters on newsround for this guy’s vt training. Wasn’t broadcast obviously, but my mum still has the dvd somewhere!

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There’s your catchphrase

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Fuck no

No I don’t think so but maybe my mate Tyler Durden is?