Do you reckon you could pick out all your pants from throughout your life in a line up?

Let’s be realistic and say from the age of 13. I mean I can’t just think of my 13 year old pants but if I saw them I reckon the flood of nostalgia would see me through. God damn it, I used to love you, pants!

  1. Have they been washed?
  2. Am I allowed to smell them?

I would never stop someone smelling their own pants.

I’m quite glad I didn’t get sewn into my pants for the winter

So they’re all my pants then?

Individually? No.

Collectively? Easy.

No. There will be one pair of your pants from when you were 13 and two that weren’t (same size and style but still significantly different).

I’d go to smell the other pants then and you’d stop me. Then i’d smell my pants and you wouldn’t.

Job done.

I reckon I could from maybe 20 onwards, can’t really remember any of my adolescent pants tbh

I’ve been thinking about some I had with a jungle theme

I reckon you would have enjoyed this thread from your time off:

Rebel MC on the gusset?

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I would be very confident.

I bloody knew you would be

How many do you think you’ve got through so far? How often do you buy new ones? I mean, you’d have to be wearing them pretty hard to be able to tell they are yours? Or are they all different patterns and so on?

Yeah I was initially thinking of doing a thread of how many pants you have ever owned. Maybe ten a year and I’m what, 27. Skip the first couple of years, add a few. 285.

Yeah the pants in the line up won’t have the same pattern or exact cut but may be similar.

Is there already a thread where you can talk about the oldest pair of pants that you still wear?

Is this that thread?

That makes it easy - no balonz reprimand for sniffing = my pants

I definitely buy more than 10 a year. But I do not recall throwing out 10 a year.

How many pants are in the line up?

Let’s say we have five of your 2001 pants, I am going to be mixing them with ten others.