Do you regret selling all your CD's?


would imagine a lot did this, with the onset of Spotify and what have you


I do not.

Because I did not.


i did
got a decent amount of money for them at the time (2005ish)
no regrets


I was I didn’t sell my CD’s but the only reason I did was that I desperately needed the money so couldn’t really do anything else!


I’ve sold many of them (200+), but I’ve kept some. Mainly because a lot of them are common or aren’t OOP. Guess I’m stuck with them.


How is that a sad face?


£2005ish? For how many CDs. How much did a Radiohead fetch?


get lost, friend


I like this new more friendly board. Is the use of the term 'pl’ bnned?


Currently going through the debate in my head about getting rid of them all. I’ve got a couple of thousand CD albums, not to mention all the singles. And they do is take up space. I never listen to them, having ripped them all to MP3. Just got a couple as a birthday present this weekend, due to them hanging around on an Amazon wish-list and I know they will never be played.

But something stupid inside of me wants to keep them for some unknown reason.

If I do decide to part with them, I’ve got no idea of the best way to shift them. There should be a reasonable amount of cash their, but it will take a lot of effort to sell them all.__


Find all the OOP ones and list them on Discogs. Take out a mortgage on your next home.


Nope, wish I’d got rid of them earlier. I did keep some for sentimental reasons though - like my copy of God Fodder by Ned’s Atomic Dustbin that I spent a day picking tatties in order to afford.

Can’t sell / throw out any of my records though.


I wonder what CDs I have that are out of print? Would happily sell them off at this point.


No. I got close to £1000 I think in a big sale of CDs and guff I didn’t want, really slimlined my collection down to just the best LPs and 7". I bought a load more LPs with the proceeds, I feel it is pretty complete with no major gaps in terms of old music. I have everything on mp3, that is how I listen to music most of the time (either through an amp or headphones), so the only thing I might miss is a clicky clacky plastic case and some liner notes. The internet makes up for that ten times over.


don’t do that, bud. you’ll regret it in around 2021


I gave away the cds that I had on vinyl, and the crap ones to a charity shop, but I kept the rest which are all under the stairs.

Recently my work colleague found a 400 disc cd player at a carboot sale for £5. He had no use for it…but I did. Loading that thing took hours.


I’ve sold none and I continue to buy, it’s often cheaper to fill in the gaps on a collection by buying second CDs than buying downloads and I spend many a happy hour trawling Amazon, EBay and Gumtree finding new, old stuff, remixes and alternative versions of things I already own in the standard form.

I have all 3000 loaded onto a Brennan for ease but I do think that one day, in a couple of decades time, CDs will be remembered fondly and revisited and my collection will precious to somebody again.


I wouldn’t. I’ll still be buying CDs until there is literally no legal means of obtaining them. I convert everything to .mp3 but that’s simply for the convenience of being able to take a massive music collection anywhere I go on a range of devices. But there’s still very little real alternative to grabbing a handful of CDs and listening to them in the car, or passing one to an interested friend, or making a mix-CD.


If I did sell them (which I won’t) I can’t see a situation in which I wouldn’t just end up buying them again. Some things are just easier to buy on CD than track down on a download and impulse purchasing is just something I can’t see myself abandoning. Finally got room to have my cd collection out in my office, so enjoy perusing and much more l likely to pick an album to listen to by looking at the spine of a CD than an artist name (or whatever) in itunes.


the use of cds in my car makes them highly valuable in my opinion :blue_car:


The plural of CD is…