Do you remember being in the womb?

    • Yeah I do
    • Not a clue sorry
    • Nah that’s bullshit!

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when memories are old enough you’re just remembering having remembered them.

made u think


very true

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must be a Northants thing

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I liked it a lot

yeah I’m not actually joking, it’s so weird and hard to describe, cool that somebody else believes they had that experience too though

If you could see my mind when I think about it I could show you the colours and stuff ,that’s mostly what it is a sense of colours and a feeling

colours are similar to this Lambchop album


it’s probably all an illusion but I like the illusion

all memories are chemical, that’s why you shouldnt drink a milkshake during brain surgery

this a rick and morty quote or something?

gabagaba doodoo!

never seen it but it seems like something they would say

I do remember reading about someone who dropped something on a synapse in the brain and triggered a memory immediately or something

that’s kind of awesome and incredible don’t you think?

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When u know its a bam thread before you even open it


think it’s nice that people associate me with these kind of nonsense musings

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