Do you remember the band HAL?

If not then fuck off out this thread

yes - they had a track on a free newspaper cd in 2004 called ‘festival hits’ or something

Yes I do, I had a promo copy of their debut (only?) album and I never listened to it. I liked the cover though.

That’s so weird, I had one of their songs stuck in my head this morning.

What A Lovely Dance. Not their best song (it turned out to be the worst song on their album), but it does rhyme “romance” with “dance”. So when I first heard the Arctic Monkeys’ I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor, I said, aloud, “blatant HAL rip-off.” Oh, what larks.

Yeah, I really liked their debut album, but I’ve not heard it in ages.

They released a 2nd album about 4 years ago. Wasn’t great.

I LOVED the debut. Still do.



Those two words mean the same thing!

Yeah I got that in my head too , that’s why I made the thread. Weird

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no I don’t sorry.

I’ll be leaving the thread now.

Were they Irish? Out about the same time as Klaxons etc?

Definitely seen them, just don’t remember anything about them.

Slightly before the Klaxons. Think more Bloc Party, The Rakes et al. I HATED that stale post-punk sound then. Still not entirely sold on it. So HAL were a very welcome respite.


Yeah, in with @randylahey on this one - remember that they might have been Irish, and might have toured with The Thrills at some point.

That’s about it. Does that mean I have to fuck off out this thread, or what?

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You can stay. You have at least remembered their nationality and their touring partners.

You’d probably like them, actually. They were compared to The Beach Boys circa Surfs Up.

I never liked that album cover.

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Saw them supporting Doves…utter namby-pamby shite. Hope they all became accountants

H - I
A - B
L - M