Do you remember the smell of tv static 📺⚡

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Remember the feeling of wiping it off the screen with your hand. Like wiping off invisible spider webs.


It’s ozone, you can smell it on big office printers now if you need to get your fix


A few years back my massive crt telly developed some strange colour bleeding in one of the corners of the screen. I was confused so I rang my father in law who worked his entire life as a tv repairman. He had no idea what was wrong.

After trying a lot of things I eventually powered it off and when I turned it on again it automatically degaussed itself and fixed the problem (caused by my poorly shielded speakers).

So much for experts. When was the last time anyone degaussed something?



Remember when the little black and white stripy box would appear in the top right hand corner before adverts?



I’ve had a couple of old box CRT televisions over the last few years. They’re so fucking good for retro games. But omg carrying my busted 32" one out the car to the recycling centre nearly killed me

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This sounds like an Everything a everything lyric.

Do you remember
The smell of TV static
The feel of a cellophane CD
Or a black mask
For a Racoon convention!


2001 I reckon

2008 as that’s when we ditched the CRT monitor

Had the same thing circa 2008. Can’t remember how we worked out that it was the speaker that was causing it, I think we watched it with the wonky colours for a good few days or maybe even a couple of weeks.

In fairness the TV was so old that it didn’t have a remote control and all the buttons had fallen off, so when we wanted to change the channel we had to go over to the tv and poke the holes where the buttons had been with a stick, so I don’t think anyone was surprised when we thought it was broken