Do you remember what you were doing on January 17th 2004?

  • Yes, I do
  • No, I don’t

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I do but I don’t want to go into the reasons why.

This isn’t a thread to go into the reasons why we do or don’t remember. It’s not a thread to talk about what we were doing if we do remember either.

It’s a simple yes or no data collection exercise


Facebook wouldn’t be invented for another three weeks :open_mouth:

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Oh good, then yes.

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I would’ve been of schooling age but it was a Saturday apparently so probably park kickaround followed by getting drunk in the same park.

No but there’s a pretty good chance I was either sitting an exam or studying for an exam.

Ruffers, it’s not important what you were or weren’t doing. I just want to know if you remember or not.

Nope. I don’t think I can even remember Christmas 2013 just before. Can you?

Watching Burnley draw 1-1 at home with West Brom. An excellent result as we were absolute shite back then and the ITV Digital collapse meant we had a squad size of about 8.

I can remember Christmas 2013, yes.

Oh actually, no I can’t. I was thinking of Christmas 2012

Oh fuck. How about Christmas 2003?

No, I can’t remember Christmas 2003

Geoff Horsfield scored for the visitors, he seems like one of football’s good eggs.


I’d be devastated to find out he was a bad egg

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nobody would remember something like this

I remember, Bammers

I find that truly astonishing! Can you recall any date from your life at will?

No, not at all. I’m quite good at remembering when I did something though.

I only remember this one because I looked up the date earlier

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