Do you remember when cat-race didn't thank me for that cardigan?


that was soooooome day, I can tell ya

still waiting…


remember when CJ de Mooi killed that guy



oh really?


did you post him a cardigan?


Someone PM me about why fidel got banned.


Still one of the best days old birdie


Who’s Fidel?


who ISN’T fidel?


I’m keeping a watch for who is going to be the next person to do a fidel


yes, yes I did. it was a fucking nice cardi, as well. nothing! not a peep

I wrapped it up in some really cool paper I had kicking about from the 80’s too


He’s probably very busy being despised by lots of people in various cities around the UK.


I wouldn’t know anything about that. I also have no knowledge of the other, more sinister stuff people are talking about.

he did chuck something over a roof and catch it on the other side though, so props to him for that


I think about it every day.


*promoting his film


“his”? hahaha did he make out he was the director or producer of that or something?



Can’t remember the exact details and the original thread has probably been lost in the move, but it screen 3 times!


How long do you think @sean can get away with receiving ad revenue for the old forum? Crafty work if you ask me.


How deep are Barry Scotts pockets?

Bee Gees first draft not so inspiring.