Do you remember when we used to go on tinychat?


do you remember Froglet?

Worst (innocuous) thread ever?

Do you remember the house you used to live
When you were on tinychat


not really?


It was a shit hole anyway, I don’t recommend meeting your idols


Don’t feel nostalgic for the tinychat era of my life but feel nostalgic for my tinychat pals


you drunk bro?



next time you ask me i won’t be so kind


yeah I remember

I thought about making a tinychat thread last week with a tinychat room. then I thought nah. fear of failure that is


hahah me too




build it up for a month? then bung a whole load of us in their?
I think I wielded a a sword once… couldn’t do that again, but could… start a small fire or something


pretty sure I’ve wielded a sword on there a few times. it’s not the crowd pleaser you imagine


Halcyon days


Yeah, what happened to her?


just remembering it now