Do you rinse your dishes?

Hand washers

  • Air dry
  • Hand dry

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I normally run the tap as i wash, turning it off for items that will take longer. Not rinsing is gross.


im so busy rinsing i never actually get round to washing anything

I mean I’ll gladly put my tongue up an arse, so all things considered…


How about an arse covered in dirty washing up water?

We have a dishwasher, but for the items that can’t go in there, I’ll pick the largest bowl-shaped item, and put a little Fairy liquid and water in the bottom. I then run the hot tap very slowly, and I find that I can wash, then rinse off, every item before the bowl gets full, meaning that I don’t waste water.


be a bit concerned if an arsehole tasted like fairy liquid though

I’m not a fucking pervert!

In all seriousness though, not rinsing is fine. People need to chill out a bit. Quick sight check before putting the dried dishes away is sufficient.

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I put them in the dishwasher on the rinse cycle and then on the full cycle and I’m never going back

Yeah this is more or less what I do

I guess a mixer tap is needed and older kitchens might not always have them

People who are getting excited about rinsing are going to lose their shit when they find out about door knobs and bannisters


Why are your door knobs and bannisters covered in an oily residue?

i rinse but i have had housemates who don’t rinse. it’s fine if they’re there long enough to dry properly, but sometimes you pick up a recently washed mug to pour a cup of tea and then notice you’ve poured a cup of soap. i remember an old housemate’s eastern european ex being baffled and annoyed by it

What is a washing up bowl? I’ve never heard of this before. Don’t you all just fill up the sink?

Because they don’t get washed nearly as often as I wash my hands, yet get handled much more frequently than I wash my hands?

No because what if you need to tip liquid away? A bowl means you have a supply of hot soapy water and can run water when needed.

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Stops all your stuff getting chipped and your sink scratched.

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i would always fill up the basin. presume that’s what a washing up bowl is?

edit: confirmed