Do you shave down below?

The Guardian says:

DiS says (anonymously):

  • I shave my pubes
  • I do not shave my pubes

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did it once and it itched really badly for ages whilst they were growing back.

Never again.

No, i always do it on the upper deck.

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Don’t like it looking like Jeff Lynne but not bald

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I’m Polish - not keen on the Slavic wilderness I’ve inherited!

What a thread for a Sunday morning!

Blame the Guardian, not the messenger.

Apart from anything else (and i am not short of reasons not to shave my bush) it just grows back too fucking fast

Nah, never have, never will. No point.

I will still shave when I live in Australia, yes.


(edit: I feel a bit bad for implying Xylo is grey haired tbh.)

same rule for pubic hair and facial hair: having it is good cos it makes you look like an adult, but keeping it tidy is a very good idea indeed


He has a child, so he is legally allowed to tell these jokes.

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