Do you shave?

IF so, what with?

what a fucking boring question

Philippe_Foloppe to thread

ah, merde

yesterday we were listing mobile phones so don’t feel bad.

this is my current ride

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Yes I do, about once every 9 days or so. I use a razor and shaving foam.

Let me tell you about the many benefits of the double edged safety razor:

  • cheap
  • good
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Usually with a Philips OneBlade
Sometimes with a Merkur double-edged safety razor
Once every 6-12 months I get a hot towel, cut-throat razor, barber shop job

Pretty thorough response for you there, Michael.

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I’d actually starting preparing this in advance of your arrival


Another vote for Davidoff Cool Safety Razor.

Had to go back to the old Mach 3 after leaving my razor at my parents’ place and it’s honestly not as good. Especially on slightly longer hair.

same, but mine has a black handle.

I should probably update my Twitter bio to “Netrunner​. Double edged safety razors. All views my own.”

wilky sword > gillette

i like the one with 5 blades (what will they think of next?!?!) that you can fold back the layer of weird redudant greasy soap stuff they put on it :+1:

@1101010 should update your DiS handle :slight_smile:


Merkur ‘something something…’ HD right?

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aldi 5 BLADE

pretty deece

Beard trimmer, but have a wet shave once a week in the bath with a double edged safety razor.

What blades does everyone use? I got 100 Astra ones off Amazon for a tenner. You do the math.

I shave my face once or twice a week, with a disposable one I got for Christmas. I usually go through about 2/3 a year.
I have never shaved or trimmed another part of myself.

Was using Feather blades.
Now on Derby.