Do you shave?


IF so, what with?


what a fucking boring question


Philippe_Foloppe to thread


ah, merde


yesterday we were listing mobile phones so don’t feel bad.

this is my current ride


Yes I do, about once every 9 days or so. I use a razor and shaving foam.


Let me tell you about the many benefits of the double edged safety razor:

  • cheap
  • good


Usually with a Philips OneBlade
Sometimes with a Merkur double-edged safety razor
Once every 6-12 months I get a hot towel, cut-throat razor, barber shop job

Pretty thorough response for you there, Michael.


I’d actually starting preparing this in advance of your arrival


Another vote for Davidoff Cool Safety Razor.

Had to go back to the old Mach 3 after leaving my razor at my parents’ place and it’s honestly not as good. Especially on slightly longer hair.


same, but mine has a black handle.


I should probably update my Twitter bio to “Netrunner​. Double edged safety razors. All views my own.”


wilky sword > gillette

i like the one with 5 blades (what will they think of next?!?!) that you can fold back the layer of weird redudant greasy soap stuff they put on it :+1:


@1101010 should update your DiS handle :slight_smile:




Merkur ‘something something…’ HD right?



aldi 5 BLADE

pretty deece


Beard trimmer, but have a wet shave once a week in the bath with a double edged safety razor.

What blades does everyone use? I got 100 Astra ones off Amazon for a tenner. You do the math.


I shave my face once or twice a week, with a disposable one I got for Christmas. I usually go through about 2/3 a year.
I have never shaved or trimmed another part of myself.


Was using Feather blades.
Now on Derby.