Do you solve/complete your cubes? (poll)

  • I am a normal healthy well-adjusted person and so has never solved a rubiks cube.
  • I’ve got way too much time on my hands and have thus completed the rubik’s cube.
  • I just pulled the stickers off lol.

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I was sat near a kid the other day - he was about 11 and was just passing the cube back to his mum who’d mess it up, then he’d solve it in about 10 seconds. It was incredible.


I had the Rubik’s magic down - but the Rubik’s magic was very easy

I also broke it once and had to send it away to be fixed - TBF they sent it back all fixed with no quibles

Think I could do my sister’s Rubik’s snake too


My friend carries a rubik’s cube with him at all times and does this kind of thing. He attempted to explain how he did it and how simple it was to a table of drunkards. We all just watched on, drooling.


and so has?


How dare you call me a healthy well-adjusted person.

I’m sooooooooo offended.


Do you think they actually fixed yours or just sent you a new one?


It looked a bit worn in - so it wasn’t new, but may have been a different one I guess


not sure why but this has “done me”


they probably had to test the new one before sending it to you, just in case.


I used to take my cube apart by sticking a screwdriver in the corner.

I actually bought a book that purported to tell you how to solve it.

Still couldn’t fucking do it.

I’m a div.


I tried to teach my flatmate how to do it and it was like trying to teach a magic trick to a dog


Reminds me of @epimer trying to explain his card game to us.


easy as pie then? Mmm easypie.