Do you step in, or do you keep quiet?

If there’s been a public altercation of some sort, have you stepped in? How did it go?
Or have there been instances where you could’ve done but stayed quiet instead?


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I have watched two from a distance in the past week (haven’t seen any for ages before that). They were just shouty efforts, not violent. Good entertainment.

Feel free to expand on this

Depends how entertaining I think the ensuing fight is going to be. I did once stop two impossibly pathetic men having a “you move”, “no YOU move” row in a bar in Plymouth by just moving one aside and shoving the other past.

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Sometimes diving in can make things worse

Sometimes just standing there and showing support/ disapproval can help diffuse things

If someone is obviously being attacked/abused then of course I don’t stand for any racism/mysogyny in public and will be very vocal and even physically intervene if need be

Then again, sometimes the person on the recieving end wants/needs to stand up for themself so I’d try and let them do that as much as possible rather than misjudging a situation or trying to be a hero or w/e

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Or would you film it on your phone, in the hope of going viral:


That’s just a couple of game old geezers up for some fisticuffs.

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Am in 99% agreement with this (the 1% is on the use of the word diffuse). Sometimes even in violent situations this is the best course. If someone’s just lashed out then sometimes stepping in will just amplify and prolong it, whereas simply bearing witness and looking as though you will step in is enough to stop the aggressor for long enough for them to come to their senses a bit.

I can think of two occasions when I’ve done this, and both times the insitigator has given me the old “what are you looking at” before pissing off. I am confident that in both situations if I’d waded in then I’d have been beaten to a pulp.

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