Do you take a day's holiday on your birthday Thread?

Well, do you? I always do, but then my birthday is at the start of August, so it’s generally nice weather. Anyway, this isn’t a thinly veiled “It’s Rob’s Birthday next Friday” thread (or is it?) - there’s a woman in the team who sit next to me whose birthday it is, and she’s come in to work. Not only is it her birthday, but it’s her 21st. If it was my birthday, and if it was on a Friday, and if it was my 21st, you wouldn’t see me in work at all - I’m really surprised by the whole situation.

Anyway, here’s a poll:

  • I take my birthday off, and any extra days around it to make it a big long weekend party
  • I just take my birthday off
  • I’ll take my birthday off but only if it’s a Friday to make the weekend a bit longer
  • Sometimes I take my birthday off, if there were things planned, but it’s not something I always do
  • Take my birthday off? Nah, I’m saving my holiday for my fortnight in Tenerife next month.

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I do everything I can to ignore my birthdays, I do not take a day off

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Don’t really care about birthdays tbh, certainly not enough to use a precious day off on one.

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Get my birthday off as standard from work, so don’t really have a choice

We get to go home an hour early on our birthdays!

I’ll take one of four my son’s birthday but not mine. Don’t give a shit about it.


I’ll take one of four

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No, but sometimes a day off will fall on my birthday. Was off sick for my birthday this year, so that was enforced time off I suppose

Just while you are here… How about resurrecting your cheap Kindle books thread?

Answers are one of four you fucking shits!

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Got to do it in style.

I’d always take my birthday off if it falls on a Friday. Thursday is tempting too. I’ve got a Mondayer this year, thinking it could be nice to have a 3 day weekend. Don’t think I’d book it off on a Tuesday/Wednesday.

Never take my birthday as holiday. TV works in a school so is unlikely to be able to take it off too. What’s a day off work without the love of my life?

Needs an option for not allowed to take holiday at that time of year. I went from a job with no bookable holiday (working term time only) to a company where you can’t take holiday in december. That might be different in my current job, as we won’t be busier in december. Need to check if it’s a blanket rule for all departments (i think it is though)

I never took the day off for my birthday until Clive came along. He makes me do it. He takes the day off too. And I have to take the day of for his birthday too. Then we’ll go somewhere posh for lunch and do some nice stuff with our day, an exhibition, gallery, museum, or something, then meet a couple of close friends for a drink. It’s a bit of a grown up birthday, I think/hope. If I became single again I would again do nothing.

Next Tuesday is the first time I’ll be at work for my birthday and not on holiday, unemployed, at uni/school holidays. Welcome to the real world, Jizz!

I do as I share the same birthday as my housemate so we usually do something.

If I had a pound for every time I’ve shouted that


Usually take it off so I can sit around at home all day in my pants with nobody hassling me, but it’s usually close to Easter so it depends.