Do you talk about DiS IRL? (poll thread) (chat encouraged)

  • Always talking about DiS to my TV/fam, you’re basically part of my extended family
  • I will occasionally refer to my ‘friends from the internet’
  • lol as if

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I mean my mum was present for at least one quiz, and my folks have helped me with AQOS on occasion

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if i wanna tell someone about somehting off here i’ll pretend someone IRL said it


I don’t talk about it spontaneously but my bf asks what’s going on on drowned in sound if he sees me on here.

Not quite sure how I managed to vibe my parents being at the Dis State gig without at any point giving away the existence of DiS


you are my secret shame


Aww :slight_smile:

I usually get spotted on here while I’m supposed to be working.“Chatting again, are we?”

omg they were there? THAT’S AMAZING

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@anon19035908 is the most famous DiSer in my household right now

They also got to meet @guntrip at my 30th bday party

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Oh my bf is always going on at me for being on my phone in work time. But then when he sees me doing work outside of work time he also has a go at me. :woman_shrugging:

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I accidentally kicked my sibling’s drink over as an encore

It was a great family day out


I talk about “the forum” a lot, which sounds oddly menacing now I see it written down

Also pass off good content from here as my own ideas all the time

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I’ve mentioned the raffle to a couple people. Also introduced a few non-DiS friends to DiS friends. 99.9% of what I post is utter shite or I might say more

Imagine you hadn’t brought HB along to The Hotelier gig! Now we’re best friends :purple_heart:


even though its embarrassing even considering hanging round the music forum spoiler[/spoiler]

I always tell my girlfriend “someone on my music forum…” just said whatever.

I talk about DiS to my closest friends sometimes but am quite guarded about who I discuss it with and would die if my family ever found my account (you can probably guess why)


occasionally mention it in casual conversation to one or two people, otherwise only if absolutely necessary.

one person i’ve mentioned it to starting lurking here as a result so i am not keen for that to happen again

I talk about DiS with quite a few people

both raffle prizes have been hampers delivered to my office so had to tell everyone

and when @ghostpony (new name on new site?) wanted bits and bobs to use as teaching materials a while ago I got my mum to send her some stuff

My brothers know, have told you lot stuff my irl friends dont know (and probably complained about them on here) so that’s the main reason I dont want them to know :sweat_smile: