Do you talk to any of your electronic devices?


Not as in swearing at your laptop, but as in using voice command to instruct it to do things.

I don’t. I think I’d feel a bit self-conscious. But maybe I should.

OK DiS, tell me which DiSers talk to their electronic devices.

Voice Commands On Your Phone

absolutely not


I don’t, and I don’t think I would, either, but a few specific adverts on Facebook did have me reading up about this:


Only the obligatory “go fuck yourself” to Siri when I first got my new phone to see her reaction.


I don’t and I wouldn’t and I would very much look down on anyone that felt that talking to an electronic device was a necessity.


Apparently she gets sassy if you try to ask her “what’s zero divided by zero?”


This will be why the robots turn on us


I do. I ask for the day’s weather when I’m putting my shoes on in the morning


nope and I find it weird that tech companies still try and push this so much.


apols if ableist


My washing machine occasionally needs a spot of verbal encouragement but I don’t think that’s what you’re after


Yeah, I should have put an accessibility caveat in the OP.


I find these things unbelievably creepy and a complete invasion of privacy


Got this in my head now


Alexa? Play Disney Songs Playlist


Alexa? Tell us a joke

That’s pretty much been it.


sometimes when setting an alarm/timer… its much quicker and I may have messy hands if cooking/baking.


I’d be paranoid I activate it in my sleep


I kind-of forget about it until it makes a perking-up “I’m listening!” sound


‘Siri, text everyone I hate them’ that kind of thing


I still enjoy using voice commands for dialling out when I’m driving