Do you think a DiS version of the athletic would work?

Or a the athletic version of DiS?

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how many of these DiSers* can you name

*i guess they might not all be off here

There is only one person in there who isn’t a current or former DiSer.

i can name 4 and maybe guess at one or two more

Exact same.


And one has to be Hoofy. I’m guessing the one with the long hair.

you can’t name hoogy! for shame. i’m not sure which bamos is. i’m guessing there’s a danielkelly in there?

Bamos, MMJ, EMO, Hoogy. Think that’s all I’ve got

Reckon this one looks most faux-dutch


Only in a DiS team would 2 players wear glasses


There is not.

Is one of them @louis.avrami1?

I don’t think that’s his account on the new site, despite sharing the same first name, no.

How did you guys get a gig at Charlton’s ground then?

Could name 8. No idea who the long haired fella or the keeper are.

Looks like a calendar with ring binding at the top :grinning:

And player to the right of the long haired fella and the one directly below that player

I was just tagging a random user.

go on then

One of the teams we have been playing friendlies against for many years organised a testimonial for their captain/manager, who was about to retire. We were asked to provide the opposition.

Charlton hire out their stadium for one or two weeks after their season ends.

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