Do you think anyone has ever been to every town in the U.K.?

What do you think would happen?

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there’s some old couple that have been to every Wetherspoons right? So they must be there or thereabouts.

I’ve been to every county in England now, possibly the dullest achievement imaginable


Some tesco truck guy maybe


That’s fucking staggering, isn’t there like 30+ counties?

when’s the last time we had a completely new town

Corby I think

I think you’re thinking of where you live, not the question I asked

There’s a person on Instagram whos attempting to go to every UK train station.


Don’t live in Corby alas

according to Wikipedia the newest new town is ‘central Lancashire’

that’s not a town imo


Think I would feel hollow and claustrophobic if I went everywhere there was to go, like…is that it?

not too difficult is it, bloody Beeching! DAMN YOU BEECHING!

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what’s that quote?

everywhere you go - it’s shit

Think it was always take the weather with you or something


There’s still around 2500.

wonder what the total cost would be if you were to do it all by train.

where are you from
central lancashire

nice town

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My lovely

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I actually am from central lancashire so this is even more upsetting for me