Do you think anyone has ever been to every town in the U.K.?

sounds like something a politician says to seem human and they’re actually from an interdimensional void


Bet it’s great actually

where are you from
oh, the void


‘ow big’ a town ‘we talkin’ 'ere?

At least one supermarket

Weston supermarket

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good pasty shops


Don’t let funkhouser hear you say that

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Somebody do a poll for every town yes or no please

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we’re all laughing when we hear about the southern pasties. very fun for all of us.

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Up north you put gravy on chips

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personally up north I put curry sauce on my chips


I fell down a YouTube hole a while back and ended up on a channel called All The Stations - think you can guess what they did…

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Down south you put chips in gravy

Makes you think

I’m sure this thread already exists. Something very similar anyway, think it was trying to name a town that nobody had been to.

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population of > 15,000 imho

How many aisles?

Sorry about that

it’s always surprising how big Telford is

how big would you expect Telford to be ?

  • 15000

  • 15000-50000
  • 50000-100000
  • 100000-150000
  • 150000+

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