Do you think anyone has ever been to every town in the U.K.?

Wow. This song describes Redcar really well.

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It’s about a surprisingly big red car, what more d’ya want

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A town has/had a market?

I wonder how it works for new towns then - I don’t know if mine would ever have had a market

Ooft! Reading! :nail_care: :fire:


New towns are a bit different, I suppose. It’ll probably be something to do with having its own council or borough or whatever.

Telford is a bit odd, because it basically combined towns that already existed into a New Town (a bit like Stoke on Trent and its six towns).

Not a chance anyone has not been here.

just a bus terminal with a university

When you search for it in Wikipedia and the summary isn’t ‘Large town’ or even ‘Town’ but merely:


I’ve been to Reading (went to an open day at the uni there). Oh and to Reading Festival

DiSers, have you been to Reading?

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that’s the one where they don’t throw piss in bottles at the bands?

Used to. They stopped after I told them to stop.


thanks for doing that

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berkshire, wow is there a place called berk?

Yes, but only to the station and the hospital (and the latter only because I was born there)

Berk is a contraction of rhyming slang for Berkshire Hunt

oh really?

Well at least it’s not a horrible slur I wasn’t aware of

Well, depends on if you like being called what rhymes with Berkshire Hunt tbh

Literally once, i saw a lad shaping up and told him not to, we echanged reasons for why we felt the way we did before i told him he’d enjoy Holy Fuck, who were playing in a tent at the time, because they had a rude word in the name. He agreed and never threw piss again in his life*.

* I can only presume this to be true, as i haven’t kept in touch.