Do you think Batman enjoys the winter?




Ice to see you


My wife was amazed when she saw Batman in the summer and had gone 32 years believing that he died off or hibernated through summer and emerged around October to pose for Christmas cards.


to see you, ice


Pretty sure Gotham is perpetually winter and nighttime, so he’s lived there ages if he doesn’t


He doesn’t seem to enjoy much really


Five posts and no one has called batman a tory yet?


Yeah he’s a bit Gary Numan. Goth ham shitty.


How do you think the batmobile handles in icy conditions?


like a fiat punto


Which is ironic, because a Fiat Punto on ice handles like a Robin Reliant.


I’d say he’s a fan of the dark nights


So good


Spruce Wayne


FWIW batman is still my fave of all the big comic heroes, I just can’t pass up an opportunity to post this :smiley:


They should read that out like a medical disclaimer on a radio ad at the start of all the films.


do you think birds enjoy it when it’s windy


Let’s ask the female posters of DiS.


Batman merely adopted Winter. Bane was born in it, moulded by it. Bane didn’t see the Summer until he was already a man, by then it was nothing to him but a bit too hot.

e: I’ll show myself out


Obviously depends if it’s a headwind or tailwind.

Do fish like the rain?