Do you think DiSers have good taste in music? (MTftSB)

Generally speaking, of course.



Dunno, I’m not really into music.


I could understand that the sort of records that top the user polls and whathaveyou don’t interest you whatsoever.
You should post in the what’re you listening right now/tune of the day threads more.

Do people ever actually read those posts? (Legit question as opposed to a criticism of them).

Was being flippant with that “nah” also btw, people like what they like innit, I don’t think my taste overlaps enormously with the general DiS taste however.

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Still, nah

I rake in the likes in there but no idea tbh. It’s the likes that nourish me.

I know that game!

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Idk what you’re into but the same applies to you really, what are you listening to atm?

Yeah, I’d say so. Even if you averaged it out I reckon you’d have a lot of the more interesting but also catchy stuff bubbling up to the top.

Obviously every one of us has a few shockers they love but we can see those as anomalies.

People’s taste in music used to be so important to me and now is probably the least important.

This isn’t a judgement on anyone caring about music taste, it’s just a post to say that I am better than you and probably even better than Jesus.


The ones I bump into at gigs, yes. The rest, not so.


It really is spectacularly unimportant isn’t it. I think one of the biggest indicators of maturity and being a fucking great person is realising how little it matters.

You and I are terrific human beings basically.

Oh it’s not really important but it does cheer me up when you mention the magnetic fields.

Dunno what’s good any more.

Y’all probably listen to stuff I’ve not heard of these days.


Agreed. But I think tastes on this board are very good on the whole (not that it matters!!!)

I’ve had a plumber round recently and he’s late 20s big fella, handsome,looks relatively cool. He was freaked out by how out there 6Music was. One day I didn’t have any music on and he said could he put something on. He went with best of Phil Collins. Loud.

I’ve had my fingers burnt a couple of times checking out music or films that people on here go crazy about.

So no, their taste is dogshit.

Tell you what also freaked my nut was in that Spotify thread someone was banging on about casual music listeners only listening to 20 new albums a year. Think the last one I listened to was Bon Iver…