Do you think DiSers have good taste in music? (MTftSB)

Think I’ve listened to 1 song over and over again for the last week.

All seems to have gone a bit Q magazine recently.

Like what? I was more of a kerrang man.

Edit: Sean doesn’t want us to share music anymore.

Right, I am going to listen to a new album on the way home today. What should it be? Has to be on google play.

yes, especially @xylo

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and ol’ tempest lover @Twinkletoes

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The Sun’s Tirade by Isaiah Rashad (it came out in September does that count as new)

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When I met xylo I complimented his band shirt :grimacing:
It was a proper emo band though

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a couple

The very same!

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Yup, I would have accepted anything 2016+

This better be fun.

It’s very laid back. I actually thought it was a bit boring :frowning:

I also think I prefer Drake to Kendrick though so wtf do I know hahaha :sweat_smile:

Oh, just had a look. I listened to a Kendrick Lemar (see he is on this) album last summer and did not like it.


Mineral, but I’d wear that one personally tbf

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wow, I mean obviously I’m very newDiS which means I’m above judging people’s musical tastes in any way, but I’d assume this would be a very irksome statement for less well-rounded people on here to read