Do you think eating food with your hands gives you a better connection with the food?

poor title, agreed.

anyway, I decided to eat a curry with my hands the other day. not one straight curry, like a vindaloo or whatever. like 30 quids worth of little dishes.

my indian friend was doing it, as well as say 45% of the restaurant…so I thought ‘hey, why not’

rice wa pretty hard, but you can make a shovel with the naan bread, so no real problem there.

I felt like I not only connected with the food more, but also had a better appreciation of what I was sticking into my gob.

hands still stink of cuzza, but other than that…would do again.

what do you think? yeah…YOU

Of course I don’t.


That’s a very expensive curry.


yeah man, its actually fantastic. I also cook the food with my hands, which has resulted in my hands losing all feeling because of severe burns but it’s all worth it in the end. I feel truly connected with my food.

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it’s fine, man. I eat very well ordinarily, but am very careful about not eating out unnecessarily, so from time to time, a little splurge is called for.

we ordered about 20 starters between 4, rather than one plate of slop each

jazz graze

Did you have spoons or something to divvy it up beforehad, not sure I’d fancy a bunch of lads plowing their mitts into a communal bowl or w/e. Other than that, it’s fine

Yeah absolutely. It’s wonderful. I also take dumps on the floor


yeah man, spoons for divvying up wet stuff.
hands for dry shit

Got a mate who went to India for a couple of months, when he came back we went for a sunday roast and he absent mindedly just started knocking it back with his hands, was quite something to behold

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"oh, sorry, it’s just how they do it in INDIA. I’ve just been to INDIA, you see. I was so totally immersed in the culture that I forgot that’s not how it’s done outside of INDIA. Where I’ve just been.



Often thought about this as I’ve watched my little girl move on to eating ‘proper’ food. Gets her hands in there, smears it all over the shop, but when she enjoys something it’s like this full on sensory experience for her. Good stuff. I should probably give it a try.

Don’t worry, he didn’t find himself

See if her nappies fit you too.

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Only really done it at ethiopian/eritrean places with injera.

Big fan.

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I’m the sort of person who uses forks in Nando’s when they actively discourage it. So it’s a no from me.

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Fact: eating with your hands destroys your career.

Always eat with my hands when at my gf’s grandparents place, sort of as a respect thing more than through any connection with the food type of deal though

Chips, sure. Noodles, not so much.

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happy to eat shellfish with my hands, in fact half the fun is getting tore into some crab wi the hands and some kind of crab breaking instrument

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Whenever I see ‘hand-fried’ on a label/menu, I imagine some poor sod dipping things into a deep fryer with outstretched fingers.

Fried hand chips, more like.

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