Do you think I can?

I really need to buy a washing up bowl.

If I get one of these on my lunch break:

Will I be able to get it home okay with it on my bag, similar to when I took that pizza home?

#Do you think I can?


Balance it on your head, you helmet.

Think the water will spill out

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oh my god what an idea


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i cannot believe you’ve reposted this picture. the absolutely ruddy stones on you!

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idwiw, you know this by now

also please note about a week later I did it with two pizzas and they didn’t fall out

Surely there’s somewhere closer to your house you can buy a washing up bowl and not look like a maniac?


Can we talk about the real issue here? That’s a fucking ripoff for a washing up bowl. Go to a local hardware / everything shop (there’s loads of them around Brockley) and get one for a quid like a normal person.


Just buy a basket for your bike.


Probably, but see below. Also, this is like a fun challenge to make buying a washing up bowl not entirely boring.

They’ll all be shut by the time I get home and I am fed up of thinking I’m almost going to break stuff in the ceramic sink.

oh, sounds rubbish.


Yes, I think you should be able to.

Well at least get a green one and pretend you a teenage mutant ninja turtle for World Book Day.


Excellent idea.

(tbh I’ve just discovered the Pound Stretcher near me is open until 8pm so… problem solved, but let’s still pretend I am going to do this)

damn just spent ages making this and the joke has already been made :frowning:



I do appreciate it though. Wonder if it’ll look good as my profile pic???


I can’t believe you’re not going to buy one of these:

Anyway, glad you’ve discovered there’s a local shop where you can buy this shit.

What I would say is that I bought a £1 one and it’s really weak plastic and hard to move around when it’s more than about a 1/3 full, so I’d probably go for a £3 proper Addis one.

What are you going to be using this bowl for? If it’s just for washing up, then probably the £1 is fine but if you’ll be using it for window washing and stuff around the house, make sure it isn’t at all bendy.