Do you think if you'd had an orgasm you'd know about it?


My friend, early 30s, married with 3 kids said she wasn’t sure if she’d had an orgasm…

I said that means you haven’t because you’d definitely know if you’d had one!

She said she feels ‘a rising pleasure but she doesn’t scream or pant like they do in films’

So I said, well do you have times when you don’t get the rising pleasure and times when you do? And she said she gets it every time!

I said, does it reach a peak and she said kind of but nothing that would make her really noisy!

I wasn’t sure whether she’d had one or not so I just left it there.

But my question is, if you’d had an orgasm do you think you’d definitely know that what you’d had was an orgasm?


I reckon I might notice, yeah.


Oh sorry I was talking to the women


or about women, rather


FOR women


This is appalling sexism. You’ll be hearing from Piers Morgan and the rest of my red pill crew presently.


Dunno, would you like me to ask some of my colleagues?


I bet full roast eater has never gotten anyone off in his life.


Piers Morgan either.


Phone your wife now and ask her


Sweet doing.


What we do in private is none of your business!


Maybe you should shut your curtains then, Lonzy.


Then how am I going to get in for a sweet doing?


@elthamsmateowen to thread




Paging Doctor Love :rotating_light:


Hi, it’s Dr Epimer, actually.


Everyone would know about it. I’m a screamer.


Did you tell her that you don’t HAVE to make a noise?
It’s not that the orgasm causes the noise, it’s just some people like to make the noise
You can have the orgasm without the noise

but to answer your question, yes, i would and have noticed.