Do you think its stingy to recycle Secret Santa gifts

Got given loads of bargain bin DVDs and CDs last year. Might just give them to someone this year and save me a few pennies

Yes, the limit is like a fiver usually isn’t it?

What DVDs and CDs are they please?

Running out of storage space for lynx gift sets?

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The CDs are

  • a Rick Astley collection of covers
    -Diana Vickers first album
  • Nadine Coyle’s solo album

the DVDs are

  • A straight to DVD adaptation of Journey to the Centre of the World
  • something called SONATA

Mate, don’t be ‘that guy who gave your work colleagues a Diana Vickers CD’

A more disparate collection of art you will not find.

well currently I am the work colleague who has a Diana Vickers CD in their desk so i think that’s preferable

it did also include a N Dubz CD, Confessions of a Sociopathic Social Climber (with Jennifer Love Hewitt) and a Corrie spin off DVD but I have given those away (and already had the spin off before, it was the A Knight’s Tale one)

Is the Nadine Coyle album any good?

No idea. i do like Nicola Roberts solo one though


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Yeah, agreed. She should do another album.