Do you think people are using the word 'cunt' more these days than they used to?


My colleague showed me some meme on her phone which had the word in it, just all casual. It’s a word I’ll use very sparingly as (for me) there’s something that still jars about it. But it seems to be in more prevalent use these days.

What do you think?


Yeah, I reckon.


I really don’t like it. Should be reserved for use in extreme circumstances only.


Yeah, it’s not a word I use very often. Usually reserved for the worst of Tory ministers.


Yeah, they definitely are.


It’s most Glaswegians’ first word.


You know, if someone calls you a berk, they’re calling you a cunt.


Dunno. Always used it a lot, always been round people who use it a lot.


I’m with him


the cunt


Don’t think I’ve ever said it out loud


I genuinely believe John Lydon calling an ITV audience of millions “fucking cunts” in 2004 opened the floodgates to the word being more widely used.


nothing funnier than tv presenters getting panicked/flustered after someone curses. bellends


They’re not really though, are they.


they probably don’t realise it. Berk is shortened from ‘Berkley Hunt’, in rhyming slang.


QI klaxon


Probably. Though have always been around people who use it a lot.

We definitely don’t use it as much as Aussies though. One of my Aussie mates regularly just describes his dad as a cunt (“going to meet the old cunt for a beer”) and has on a few occasions accidentally used the word “cunt” to replace a completely different word in a story and immediately had to correct himself because it made no sense.


I know the etymology. But no one actually uses the words interchangeably, do they? Your daft mate is a berk. Nigel Farrage is a cunt. Different things.


Yeah, I guess it’s just evolved that way


Yes I would Kent