Do you think people are using the word 'cunt' more these days than they used to?


They use it more now than in the recent past, but less than in pre-victorian times, I would think, when the word was quite common, and streets were named such things as ‘Gropecunt Lane’.


Bcos that was the lane where C*** was groped?


Yup. It was a common name for a street with brothels on it.


Here we go:


Used to use it a lot more. Now I’m quite hesitant to say it because of the gender politics involved.


I’m conflicted.

I like to use it with sexual/romantic partners and I don’t like the fact that it’s also a word that comes out of me in anger.

I’d like to use it one way or the other, not both.


trying to read the cat in the hat quickly last night I accidentally said ‘cunt’. Don’t think my son noticed.

Guess if he has, my wife will find out first at school pick-up in half an hour.


think I said it twice actually.

‘The cat in the hat’ CUNT! CUNT!

Just slips out, see.


That works to the tune of the Addams Family