Do you think robins enjoy the winter?

Because no one gives a shit about them in the summer but in the winter everyone goes nuts for them. Tempered by the fact that pickings may be slimmer. I guess Feb is probably worse for them because nobody gives a fuck about them and we are deep into one of our winters by then.

My wife was amazed when she saw a robin the summer and had gone 32 years believing that they died off or hibernated through summer and emerged around October to pose for Christmas cards.

Bet she treated it with complete summery contempt.

Couldn’t stand it.


I think robins are aggressive pricks with small bird syndrome and hope they don’t enjoy anything much.

i guess i also kinda thought this but had never really thought about it

Here the whole time.

Batman: “Not you, Robin. They have strict licensing laws in this country. A boy of your age is not allowed in a drinking tavern.”

Bet he’d attack his own reflection in our garage window too. Prick.

There was one at my bird feeder just now. The inspiration for this thread. My muse.

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They don’t puff themselves up in the summer so look less like tennis balls and aren’t so noticeable.

It is a window one and I am about 1.5m from it so I will do my best.

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There’s loads round the trees around the Sainos near work

Used to have a robin at the allotment that would come and sit next to me when I was digging and I would chuck him a worm. Named him Robin

We have ivy growing over the back of our house that has got a bit out of control. Decided this Spring was going to be the year that I cut it down, but when I got the ladder out and inspected it turns out there was a robin’s nest with a bunch of baby robins in :heart: Left it in place as such. Now feel that I can’t cut it down in case they come back next year…


I named ours Batman. wot am I like lol

The football season is played through the winter, so I’d assume he enjoyed it a bit.

I’m obviously much too young to remember when everyone thought he was going to be England’s saviour.

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