Do you think someone will run a four minute mile in your lifetime?

I reckon we’re getting close. Within 15-20 years I could see it happening.

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I think we will but it will probably be a digital mile


Someone’s eventually got to be the fastest person ever don’t they? Like it’s not possible for a human to run 100m in 1 second, so somewhere between there and the current record (which Google tells me is 9.58), there’s a time that nobody will ever beat. Maybe that time is 9.58 seconds. Maybe we’re already there.

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Triple jump’s fucking stupid, eh?


“Make miles smaller and smiles bigger” is my election campaign slogan.


But maybe we’ll be 100m tall in the future and be able to do it in a single stride.


In the future, pole vaulters will have evolved to have very long arms

I could do a 15-20 years mile tbh.

When I’m going 15mph in the car I often think “God, this is really slow, I wish I was going faster”

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Yeah, I suppose. Maybe there should be an upper height limit (10m?), and over that we just accept that we’re no longer the same species.

That’s some fucking badass math!


One day we will do the 104.8 minute marathon.

Not we as in anyone reading this, but we as in someone else.


It’s the running for four minutes bit that’s the problem, anyone tried it? Fucking knackering. Better chance of a one-minute mile.


It’s about time that there was more variation in items being put, the era of shots is coming to an end.

How far do you think you could lob a fork?

Like regular household dining fork?

Assuming no wind, 10 metres, at least.

When was the last time you spoke to someone called Miles? Not sure if I have since school.

Yeah, just a normal eating fork. Might test it tbh.

Get some garden DiS olympics going.

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Got a Miles at work. Nice enough chap. Always late.