Do you think that...

…there’s ever been a person who’s done Tough Mudder who isn’t a bellend?




Someone somewhere might have done it for charity only (possibly)?

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Anyone who says yes has 100% done tough mudder

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What is tough mudder?

if i was a charity, id return the money


Can go alongside bungee jumps in the things you ain’t getting sponsored for file

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I feel we’ve got enough evidence here to file it alongside peloton and cycling.

Thanks, folks.


remember getting the boak reading about folk who got sick doing it from ingesting actual shit that was in the mud

kinda put me off it


Maybe there have been people who’ve done it as a challenge after recovering from horrendous shite, who knows.

Think my old boss used to do tough mudders

Do you just crawl through mud or something? Sounds boring.

Think sometimes you swing on a rope into mud or cry in mud

personally, my reaction to crawling through mud isn’t generally “well that was boring”

Didn’t we ban ‘people who’ threads

One of my friends was roped into doing it for an office charity thing, and then all of the team were off work for a week afterwards with the shits.