Do you think the briefcase is just gone forever now?



Thrilling subject i know. But it occurred to me that the laptop kind of ruined plans for briefcase manufacturers. Maybe the emergence of tablets will change that but i’m no convinced.

RIP briefcases


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I don’t fully understand what you’re talking about, though.


the briefcase. if it’s not already dead it will be soon, shirley?


No there are still quite a lot about.


That was a brief case!!!


Fully obsolete surely


the two posts above suggest we are at war, the briefcase lovers and haters


Well quite possibly but I’m not sure what laptops or tablets have to do with that. I think luggage has changed over the years regardless of laptops and people have moved to different bags. Surely laptops have been around for AGES?


I’ve never used one, perhaps I can lead the great suitcase revival.



Oof, great thread


yes, and the briefcase has been in continual decline since their emergence.


<3 finally the respect it deserves!


I guess I first need you to define what you think is specific about the briefcase that laptops take away but tablets don’t or indeed mobile phones?


it’s not about what they take away, it’s about what they add: weight


Physical documents are still required in a lot of professions for the time being.
They’re less dominant and on the way out, but they’re by no means dead yet. Think of them as the Manchester United of luggage



It’s Theo’s world now - we’re only living in it. :disappointed:


Be weird to see a film where a ransom was delivered in a Fjällräven Kånken.


Hmm. I guess so. I was thinking more about how the things you put in a briefcase are also vanishing. People tend to buy lunches now more, papers and diaries etc are less common to keep physically - certainly in terms of work you take home - so the actual necessity of any particularly large item for carrying things is lessened.


those fucking kankens are EVERYWHERE