Do you think the postman judges you by the mail you receive?



or postwoman, because that is a thing.

I think they probably do.

they must see a lot of letters in a day and can no doubt work out the content. so they could easily tell if you have a reminder to set up a direct debit for your TV Licence, for example

that sort of stuff


Not nearly as much as people working the checkouts in the supermarket obviously do.


most of the mail we get is for old tenants, so they must think it’s a rotating door up there


Probably not. My postman isn’t even attentive enough to pick up on it when mail with my name on has the neighbour’s address on it, etc, so I doubt he’s bothered about what’s inside the envelope.


Postmen really have a responsibility to memorise the names of everyone on their round.


The postman at my parents old house managed it. I reckon it should sink in fairly quickly when your dealing with the same names and addresses on a daily basis.

The current one is a right miserable twat anyway. Always has earphones in and avoids eye-contact if your in the street at the same time as him.


sounds like he’d fit in well here