Do you think there are more people people or more not people people in the world?


You know how some people are like “I’m a people person” and some other people are like “I’m not really a people person” who do you think there are more of?

  • There are more people people
  • There are more not people people

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the ‘people people’ are more likely to try and talk to you so it probably seems like there are more of them.


Are you asking if there are more extroverts than introverts


Dunno, maybe


are there more sheep or sheeple?


They’re all so fucking loud as well, the cunts.




In my experience there are more extroverts.


I think there are probably more introverts you just see them less


There are probably more people who say ‘I’m a people person, me’ and then go home and shudder at the intensity of the interaction they just had to undergo than there are natural people people.


:thinking: I mainly wanna be left alone so maybe I notice extroverts more as a form of protection. We see it in nature all the time. for example, the wild hog probably thinks every stump or bit of grass is a lion or something, and probably thinks the whole world is made of lions as a result.


Are you a people people person, or more of a not people people person?


I don’t think this is the thread to speculate on the thoughts of the wild hog


Who me?


Yeah you


I am more of a not people person than a people person


alright, the internet police.


That wasn’t the question


Oh yeah, I’m probably more of a people people person despite being a not people person myself.